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"we", "us", "us" or "vendor" refer to Kill6r

"add-on", "it" and "product" refer to the add-on/files.

"you" or "customer" refers to the buyerBy purchasing any product, you automatically agree to these terms of service.We reserve the right to change our TOS at any time.1. You are aware that there is a strict no refund policy.

2. You are aware that issuing a chargeback/dispute will cause you to be suspended from all our products and possibly reported to MCM.
3. You are aware that you are required to own a valid copy Corebot. If you are found using a illegitimate copy of Corebot you will be reported to Corebot and MCM.
4. You are aware that leaking, distributing & deobfuscate any of our products is not allowed and action against you will be taken.
5. We reserve the right to refuse support to you for any reason.
6. You are aware that updates to our products are not guaranteed.
7. You are aware that our products may be obfuscated or in-legible.
8. You are aware that we reserve the right to revoke any or all of your licenses to our product(s) at any time without a notice.