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CoreMusic | CoreBot Addon

Corebot Addon CoreMusic | CoreBot Addon 3.0.5

Fixed random crash and node getting disconnected
- It is advised that you del the config.yml file and let it regenerate
- Path: ./configs/addons/CoreMusic/config.yml
Recently most of the Lavalinks are not working properly this version works on my system so I hope that it works for you as well

Use default host from the default config to try
Note: There might be a few track errors
Error messages have been transferred to lang file
Fixed DJ role not working
Now only one role can be supplied
Added voice leave conditions (config options)
Optimized search and track loading
Shifted default lavalink to CoreMusic and SiddZic customers only (private)
Added queue command (view)

For this update to function properly it is advised that you reset old config files
Fixed error related to emoji.
- You might need to delete `CoreMusic.db` and restart bot.
Fixed auth and other bugs
This update fixes random crash after merging playlist (length > 100)
- This is an optional update, Replace the file only if you come across the crash
Pushed in multiple fixes!
- Player crashing upon using buttons multiple times
- Fixed playlist button not working after updating panel
- Fixed player upon disconnecting

Added licensing, Please do not ask why
This update fixes a minor issues related to player crashing
Added DJ Options in config

Added 2 new commands `forcejoin`and `reset`
- ForceJoin: Ask player to join the voice channel you are in
- Reset: Destroy the player, fixes most of the issues

Renamed options commands
- Old: `music`, New: `coremusic`