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Twurple had some breaking changes since version 6.0.
Thanks to RemcoPl for reporting this issue.

How to Update:

Update the packages:
npm update @twurple/api @twurple/auth
replace addon file with the new one
Fixxed bug with everyone ping.
Added back textbased commands
-twitch config <streamer> <channelping> <roleping>
-twitch announce <streamer> <channelping> <roleping>

You now need to install axios via npm install axios
Uploading the Pictures of the embed to the discord cdn

removed {gamePicture} Placeholder (Upper right icon) it is now non optional.
Delete your twitch_lang.yml and let it generate.
Removed Textbased commands.
Merged config-gen and announce into twitch announce/config

Added a CheckOnStartUp Config.
Added streamer role and channel to config command

How to update

  • Copy your ClientID and Secret
  • Delete Old-Configs
  • Restart your bot
  • Paste the ClientID and Secret
Fixxed a kinda weird formatting bug
Added Button Configuration per Streamer and on manually announce.

Added Lang config contents.
Adjusted the main config.

How to Update:
Delete all your configs, and just let them regenerate.
For those who dont want 2 regenerate every config, here are the 3 Configs you need